Yet another suvey

Came across this one on The Wasteland: A – Act your age – Can I ignore this one, 25 and just moved home again :( B – Breast size – huh, your not getting that info so easily :) C – Chore you hate – Cutting the grass. D – Dad’s name – Oliver E […]

Untranslatable words

Open Democracy have an interesting few articles on language, and how many seem to have words that simply cannot be translated into other languages. It is actually surprising to think how much we are shaped because of our language, or dis our language evolve because our culture was a certain way. In Irish for example, […]

Monstrous Regiment

ISBN: 0552149411By my count this is the 28th Discworld novel, although if you include the “Younger Readers’” discworld books then you get 30. So take your pick, I don’t think it really makes much of a difference what number it is. The Discworld books are, in my opinion, among the greatest novels ever written. Not […]

Capturing the Friedmans

Starring the family as themselves.

This is a documentary about a family, maybe a little on the eccentric side, but seeming quite normal nontheless and what happens when the father is discovered to be a paedophile.
He (Arnold) is first discovered by the customs as an improter of child pornography, and in a search of the house more material is found. Arnold had been a respected, well-liked teacher, and although retired when the magazines were found he still gave computer classes in his house. Because of this, the police thought the children who attended may have been at risk. After a month of interviewing the children the police returned to the Friedman house and arrested Arnold and Jesse, the youngest son (18) on charges of paedophilia.
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Death of an Ordinary Man

ISBN: 0743252276 Nathan is dead. Only problem is that he doesn’t really know what’s going on. He is stuck with his family, trying to fill in the holes in his memories, as well as figuring out what is going on. That’s the basic plot, but the book is really about the emotional life of a […]

Naked Empire

Book 8 in the Sword of Truth series

Sometimes you know, people really make me wonder.
The Sword of Truth series of books started off fine. Fairly regular “epic fantasy” with an unknown becoming a hero, finding out that he was much more than he thought, and finding a girl to fall in love with as well as destroying evil.

Somewhere along the way it all went wrong, but even now when I look back I see that preaching was always important in these books, it was just kept fairly subtle until later ones. Read more about Naked Empire

Hey ho

So how is everyone? I know, been very bad about updating and even being online lately. Ah well, what can I say apart from I’m just lazy. I could make stupid excuses about moving, and job-hunting but I won’t because they’d just be silly excuses. The real reason I haven’t updated is because my life […]