The Wolf King by

11 June 2004

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ISBN: 0006483879

Found this to be a very disappointing read. I read the previous two in this series: The Silver Wolf and The Night of the Wolf and while neither of them are spectacularly great novels they were both interesting, well-written stories.

Despite being set in the same world, and dealing with many of the same characters this novel feels half-hearted. As though Borchardt started out with the idea of writing it, but didn’t really put any effort into actually developing the story or the characters. They react and emote, but in sudden outbursts that seem to come from nowhere, and the entire story seems confused and badly laid out. There is a brief flashback that is badly executed and until I had finished reading it I wasn’t actually sure when it had occurred at all.

There is also the fact that there is a main character who never seems to get a name, instead is always described as “The Saxon”.
Overall I just found this lacking in any commitment, as though Borchardt wasn’t that interested in it.

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