I’m back

12 June 2004

but not for long. Am off to Scotland early on Mon but hopefully will be able to post tomorrow. Been busy doing nothing :), you know how it is.

Actually I have been up to a few things. Moved home, unpacked but still have to find places for a few things. Job-hunting. Went back to Dublin in order to collect my passport. Signed on. Bought some DVDs, some clothes and some books. So all in all nothing really interesting happened.

Just finished Alice Borchardt’s The Wolf King and found it very disappointing. Enjoyed the previous two books, but this was fair crap. Also finished Max Barry’s Jennifer Government which was a good fun read, and have started reading A Song for Abaronne and have spelt that incorrectly :( but can’t remember the correct spelling nor the author. When I’m using Pavlov tomorrow I’ll stick up a couple of reviews , but am on the wrong computer for that at the moment.

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