Back to usual, late again

12 May 2004

  1. Vagina::Monologues (no never seen them, but talk about overkill with the advertising)
  2. Racism::Bad (wow, talk about a profound association!)
  3. Mother’s Day::No its not. We already had Mothering Sunday, don’t be making me all guilty again
  4. Fire alarm::false alarm, coz they generally are. Ha, think it is Ed Byrne who has a bit in hs comedy routine where he describes being in a pub in England where the fire alarm went off and everyone got up to leave. No one budges in Ireland, unless the place is full of smoke
  5. Elvis::The King
  6. Pregnant::Birth, babies and mess
  7. Vacation::Holiday
  8. Waffles::Mmmm, have some in the freeser…
  9. Perpendicular::Maths
  10. Hospital::work. Where I gotta go now

from LunaNina

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