Triple Crown Champions

27 March 2004

Spent the day in front of the telly, first there was the Wales vs Italy match in the Millennium stadium. Have to admit that I felt a bit sorry for Italy as Wales ran away with it, but then again Wales were in need of a good match. And after their performance against England last time they deserved to get a result. Unfortunately, George was doing the commentary, so I tried to block him out by reading a book (Mary Gentle’s 1610; highly recommended), and tuning in at the end of every chapter. Although the actions of Rocheford, Dariolle and others were more than enough to keep my attention.

Once that was over, it was time for the big one: Ireland vs Scotland, and OMG but that was a tense start. Course the very fact that Hook thought we would win was enough to give me doubts. Plus we were favourites, and lets be honest, Ireland don’t have a very good record of winning matches well if they really should, no matter the sport. We always seem to mess up, and scrape by.
And then there were those misses from O’Gara, the doubt grew.

But then again I was never really worried, I just wanted us to win, and win well. After all if we beat Scotland by more than 50 points (I think), and England beat France by a slight margin we would be 6 Nations Champions. And while it didnt happen that way the tries by D’Arcy (Man of the Match), Stringer (Go on the man), Wallace (welcome back) and Murphy (who looks back on form) were enough to give us a good victory and secure the Triple Crown.

Then time for a little break before returning for the championship decider, and I really wasn’t sure who I’d be cheering for. And even worse than Hamilton, this match had Ryle *shudder* commentating. Come back Jim we need you.
I’ve veered off the point

Oh yeah, the Six nations Decider, between France & England. I cheered on France, and was pretty happy with the first half, but OMG, did France think England would roll over and play dead because they were beating them? Course they took the foot off the pedal and I almost switched to cheer on England, but I can’t switch in the middle of a game. Instead I cursed the French, but was relieved when the whistle blew; 24-21 it finished. Far too close considering that England trailed 26-6 after 55 minutes.

Ah well, its all over now. France are Grand Slam winners, and so, obviously Six Nations winners. Ireland are Triple Crown winners and in second place. Poor old world champs England are in third, missing Wilkinson and Johnson, as well as Back more than they thought I’d say. Poor old Scotland get the Wooden Spoon, but there are defo signs of improvement I’d say. Hopefully.

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