Real life Vampire Slayers…

31 March 2004


” Buffy, Willow and Faith have nothing on Toma Petre’s relatives.
The undead-dispatching heroines of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” never did anything like pull a body out of a grave, tear out its heart, burn the removed organ and then drink the ashes.

But that’s what the Romanian man’s family did when they suspected he had become a vampire after his death, reports Knight Ridder Newspapers.

Now the locals of Marotinu de Sus, just south of Transylvania (search), are upset that police are investigating Petre’s disinterment.

“What did we do?” asked Flora Marinescu, Petre’s sister. “If they’re right, he was already dead. If we’re right, we killed a vampire and saved three lives. … Is that so wrong?”

“The investigation is ongoing, and we expect to file charges later,” the regional police chief noted dryly, adding that disturbing the peace of the dead could result in a three-year stint in jail.

Villagers are quick to defend the Petre clan, pointing out that vampires, or strigoi, are real and mainly prey on their own family members.

“They’d be all right if you could set them after your enemies,” explained one shepherd. “But they only kill loved ones. I can understand why, but they have to be stopped.”

An elderly man was more practical.

“The heart of a vampire, while you burn it, will squeak like a mouse and try to escape,” he said. “It’s best to take a wooden stake and pin it to the pan, so it won’t get away.”


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