Monthly Archives: February 2004


GollumCircle I Limbo Trolls, People who think animals are peopleCircle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind Bertie Ahern, Tony BlairCirc [...]

What Book Are You?

I’m Watership Down! by Richard Adams Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you’re actually incredibly deep and [...]

Jonathan Wild

Got this month’s edition of Discworld monthly in my inbox just now. In it was a reference to Jonathan WIld who lived in London in the [...]

Save Angel

Sign the Petition Prolly won’t do much good but there are over 42700 signatures there [...]

For Gods sake:

From the Scotsman: This June is the centenary of Bloomsday, and the Irish govt are planning celebrations in Dublin, but there will be no pub [...]

Its a Sad Day

As Angel gets cancelled, despite the fact that “ANGEL is currently The WB’s second highest-rated series with adults 18-34″ [...]

The truth about penguins and Yetis

“Sometimes to believe what you get to hear is not easy. There are several stories, being that curios, you would not even consider to t [...]

Today is a good day…

First off 24 is back! Do a little dance – Get down tonight. I do love 24, here’s hoping it is as great as Day 2, because (oh sha [...]

Letter to the Indy

The letter scroll down to find, or just browse them all: “Sir: Mr Blair has been completely vindicated by the Hutton report. He is not [...]
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