Col. Paul Rodzianko

17 January 2004

Was browsing around Irish showjumping sites, trying to get up to date with what’s going on, as it has been a while since I have taken more than a passing interest, and on the army’s equitation site came across mention of Col. Paul Rodzianko. As he sounded interesting I googled him, and came across this little story on Castle Leslie’s website:

His only known failure was trying to teach riding to Edward VIII while he was still Prince of Wales. After six horrific weeks Rodzianko stormed into Buckingham Palace, thumped the royal desk, and shouted at King George V: ‘My dear, good, blasted, majesty, your son is no bloody good!!!’ Debarred from riding horses, the poor Prince had to make do with Mrs Simpson.

Well I thought it was amusing :)

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4 Responses

  1. Larry Reeger says:

    If this the Rodzianko I knew in 1964, he served in the court of Tsar Nicholas and as a page in his wedding. I thought he was a member of the ITALIAN team in Olympics of the '20's. Same man?

  2. Fence says:

    Could be. He didn't ride on the Irish team, but was more of an instructor when the Army Equitation school was starting out.
    I know his father was called Paul Rodzianko as well.

  3. Kim Pardoe says:

    Col Paul Rodzianko was my godfather. My father served with him after WW2 in Germany and was part of his riding school. My father was David Pardoe and went on to have his own riding schools, both in UK & in Western Australia.