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2 December 2003

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Saw Love Actually on Sun evening. Was quite surprised at how enjoyable I found it. Basic plot: lots of boys meet lots of girls and all (well pretty much all) get together and may someday live happily ever after.

A rom-com, in many ways similar to Four Wedings or Notting Hill I thought this was a bit funnier than Four Weddings (and a lot better than Notting Hill which was a bit of tosh imo). The only problem I had with the film was the way it was all linked together, didn’t really work for me. At the end they all seem to know each other, but that fact never really came across in the rest of the film. Maybe it would have been better if they were all separate little worlds, and were united by theme rather than actually all being friends.

As with all these Richard Curtis (though don’t think he is a writer on this one) film’s the England portrayed is wonderfully upper class, or at the least high middle class. Okay so Martine McCutchine plays a “tea-lady” but even so. And what was the deal with referring to her as fat the whole time! My God if they think she has thighs like tree trunks or whatever the expression was they must get many trees.

Apart from all that though is a fun film. Not a lot of thought needed, and most likely more for the girls than the fella. The humor works throughout, and if Bill Nighy releases that song I’d buy it. Okay so it is crap but so is most of what is in the charts anyway.

Fav. line has to be when the Billy Mack (?) character is getting interviewed by Ant and Dec an he answers a question by addressing one of them as Ant or Dec. Prolly won’t mean much to people who have never watched british TV? But I did laugh. Oh and I enjoyed Hugh Grant’s little rant at the US president. Is that what the British people want from their PM then? Maybe some one should persuade Tony to watch? Entertaining crap

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