Extended rumours

Stolen from Boards.ie some ROTK ee bits and bobs. Please note these are all only rumours so may not be true: – Word is that New Line are baulking at the price for another Extended Edition, and may be farming out the FX to El Cheapo American FX House Inc rather than the high-quality excesses […]

Remember, remember

History never ever dies does it? There was an item on RTE news yesterday about this chalice which was used by a parish priest killed by Cromwellian forces; here is the Examiner’s take on the story.

Even Better Than the Real Thing

Recently was given a copy of Even Better Than the Real Thing (scroll down a little). This album is a compliation of various cover versions performed “live and acoustic”. All proceeds go to the National Children’s Hospital, and it truely is a great listen. Here is the track listing: Can’t get you out of my […]

what not to do

Speaking of LOTR here is a list of: “Things NOT to do during a showing of ‘Return of the King’….. 1. Stand up halfway through the movie and yell loudly, ‘Wait…where the hell is Harry Potter?’ 2. Block the entrance to the theater while screaming, ‘YOU…..SHALL….NOT….. PASS!’ – After the movie, say ‘Lucas could have […]

The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King [based on book]

Got up early this morning, caught my bus at 10 to 9 and headed into town to see the third and final installment of LOTR. At the cinema we took a look through the times, and more importantly through the screens and decided on the 11.15 showing in screen 17, 4th floor. The biggest screen […]

Guilty? maybe not but we’ll keep you here til we decide

Interesting article in the Guardian , bout the Guantanamo Bay detainess. I really dont understand why they are been treated in such a covert manner. After all if they are guilty then wouldn’t a regular court be able to prove that? And the manner in which they are been treated means that any confessions or […]

Love Actually

Saw Love Actually on Sun evening. Was quite surprised at how enjoyable I found it. Basic plot: lots of boys meet lots of girls and all (well pretty much all) get together and may someday live happily ever after. A rom-com, in many ways similar to Four Wedings or Notting Hill I thought this was […]