Big Fish [based on book] by dir. by

15 July 2003

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This a wonderfully easy film. Easy to watch, easy to enjoy but I also found it easy to forget :( I’d still recommend it, but it is not an outstanding classic. It is however a way to spend an enjoyable afternoon.

There are some lovely images, and scenes. And I am sure anyone who watches it will have their own favourites.
It really is heartwarming, as described. And it all works very well together, and if you enjoy Tim Burton’s work you will probably like this. Even if it isn’t as dark as usual.

The basic story is that of Edward Bloom (young=Ewan McGregor, old=Albert Finney) and his “larger-than-life” life story, starting off in a small-town in Alabama and taking all the way around the world. More than that however, it is about his relationship with his son Will (Billy Crudup), who grew up listening to his father’s tall tales a few too many times. What he wants is to know the truth, the facts behind his father’s extra-ordinary take on life. What he gets, is perhaps a lesson that just because something isn’t true doesn’t make it a lie

Heartwarming, but forgettable

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