Lost – White Rabbit dir. by

15 June 2003

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The realities of being ship-wrecked (plane wrecked doesn’t sound right does it?) begin to set in. Water is in short supply, and there is a death. Bringing the number of survivors down to 46. (spoilers if you read on)

We also have hero-boy suffering from lack of sleep and just plain weirdness. We also learn more about why he was in Australia – he was there to find his father. A father who didn’ seem to imbue Jackie-boy with much confidence, telling him in one flashback that he shouldn’t try to be the hero, shouldn’t try to make the hard decisions because Jack just doesn’t have what it takes.

Seems like the doc. senior didn’t have what it took either, as he went on a bender in Australia and ended up having a heart attack because of his drinking. Despite this fact, the mysterious figure Jack saw last episode turns out to be his dad.

Seems to me like you start to think of something, and it up and appears.

While Jack is off “finding himself”, or running after his possible hallucination, the situation on the beach worsens. Someone has made off with the last few bottles of water, and pregnant girl (Clare) has fainted. Kate accuses Sawyer of taking it, but he denies it, saying that water isn’t worth anything coz it’ll rain soon. How stupid is this fella? We eventually find out that it was Boone.

While following his maybe-dad Jack almost falls down a cliff, only to be rescued by Locke who has gone water-hunting. Locke tells him that he better “find himself” so he can lead the others.

I think that this is the problem I have with Lost. There is only one leader, Jack. Everyone else merely follows like sheep, or come up with plans for him to approve. I don’t think people are so ridiculously dependent on one person, not to mention that Jack doesn’t really seem to have that many great leadership qualities. We’ll see.

Jack keeps on after his ghost-dad, and in the end finds running fresh water. Not only that, but he also finds part of the plane wreckage, including his father’s coffin. But without his father’ body (spooky).

He returns to the camp just as everyone seems about ready to lynch Boone for stealing the water, but stands up for Boone, telling the others that earlier Boone was a hero for trying to save the woman who drowned (despite almost drowning and having to to be rescued by Jack). He then gives a little speech, about how they are all going to have to pull together, that they have been waiting for rescue, now they have to deal with the reality of the situation. That if they don’t start working together they’ll end up dying alone.

Also, my viewing of this was interrupted by flicks to check whether the Michael Jackson verdict was in, so missed a few seconds at the end of a few ad breaks.

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