Monthly Archives: January 2003

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

Although the title of this review page refers to the entire series I haven’t actually read them all, I have, however, read 5 in the pa [...]


ISBN: 0002259524 A YA book, but like many not overly so. Barker has created an interesting world but I found that the whole story was oversh [...]

I, Lucifer

ISBN: 0743220137 Now this is a truly fantastic book. The basic premise is that God offers the Devil one last chance. If Lucifer can live one [...]

The Pillars of Creation

Terry Goodkind A very wierd book, imo. Almost nothing at all about Richard, instead it is all about his half-sister Jenn. I have such an [...]

Stupid White Men

A good read, if a little scary at time. In a way it is unreal, like watching a parania TV show, and maybe that is why this sort of thing is [...]
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