ISBN: 0002259524 A YA book, but like many not overly so. Barker has created an interesting world but I found that the whole story was overshadowed by the ending. But that is only because I didn’t realise that it was book 1 of a series. The characters and world that Barker introduces us to is […]

I, Lucifer

ISBN: 0743220137 Now this is a truly fantastic book. The basic premise is that God offers the Devil one last chance. If Lucifer can live one month without sin then he will get into heaven when he dies. Does Lucifer take up the offer? Well of course he does, but not so he can be […]

The Pillars of Creation

Terry Goodkind
A very wierd book, imo. Almost nothing at all about Richard, instead it is all about his half-sister Jenn.

I have such an ambivalent attitude towards this series. I quite enjoy reading them but the political and philosophical meaning behind the stories is almost the exact opposite of everything I would believe in.
In Wizard’s First Rule for example the basic premise was that people are stupid. That mob rule always wins out, and by being able to manipulate that you can guide people into believing almost anything.

Stupid White Men

A good read, if a little scary at time. In a way it is unreal, like watching a parania TV show, and maybe that is why this sort of thing is ignored. We don’t really believe things are as bad as this books makes the out. Or if we do believe, we don’t want to. Ignore it and it will go away.